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About Us

About Us:

A Techno Realty Online Platform Facilitates Buying, Selling, Bidding, Swapping Services focused on Residential – Commercial, Rooftop & Land.

Brickinfra provides state-of-the-art real estate services for buyers, sellers, and renters all in one place. Brickinfra makes participating in real estate more efficient and effortless. One can find outstanding transparency and accurate information regarding properties, and much more, on its impressive platform.

The creators of Brickinfra, founder Swetha N. and co-founder Sandeep BC., are passionate about revolutionizing real estate for all involved. They recognized a need for increased transparency and easy access, so they made it possible for the offline aspects of real estate to be brought online. Their passion for this work helps property investors experience real estate in an entirely new way with limitless opportunities for growth and security.


  • Ms. Swetha N, Founder, brings 10+ years of management expertise and having successfully enterprised various business verticals across Global Service Centres, ITES, Manufacturing& Renewable Energy.
    She attained several awards, been recognized in entrepreneurship forum for enormous contributions in sectors of Technologies, Renewable Energy, Analytics and livelihood creation for rural women environment.
  • Mr. Sandeep Bc, Co- Founder brings 12+ years of management practise in Business Operations, Investment banking, merchant banking. Post graduate from Strathclyde Business School UK, Advanced Financial Risk Management from IIM Bangalore.
    Service portfolio spans from Credit Suisse AG, Morgan Stanley driving their strategic initiatives in Risk management across businesses.

Swap properties

  • Swap properties - Relocation by way of Mutual Exchange.
  • Posted exclusively by owners/tenants wherein the owners/tenants can mutually exchange property and can relocate to the desired location with common terms.
  • How it works, A’s Owners/Tenants can advertise his willingness to move to different area, and onother side B’s owner/tenants can show his willingness to opt for A’s property, on mutual consent both can interchange the property.
  • Very Useful for Floor Change, Inter Block Movement in gated community. Exchange with North Plot to South Plot East to west Vice versa, Locate and change to next lane/road, different area/location.


  • Bidding is freely permitted for selective rental properties posted solely by the Owners.
  • The owner will have complete control on choosing the best available tenants and have price transparency.

Property Care:

  • One Stop Solution to all Property needs, provides wide range of services from Gate keeping to Floor Safety Security Solutions.
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Roof Top:

  • Let out rooftop for green energy, open theatre - café, Swimming pool, gymnasium, play school, clinic etc.
    Even think of “GET TOGETHERS”.

Custodian Services:

  • Brick Infra custodian services, custodian features brings you more closer to your property located in different cities.
  • Brick Infra would take custody of your property perform property maintenance, rental collection, safe guard from trespassers, Provide necessary timely services
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