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Brick Infra: Custodian Service For Your Property In India At Affordable Price

BrickInfra is India's First Private Organisation to provide the Custodian Service for your property. For any of your property that is not in your supervision, We BrickInfra take care of it on your behalf. Property Custodians include physical care, property maintenance, rental collection, safeguarding from trespassers, Providing necessary, timely services, protecting the property they have in their possession or under their control, etc. Custodian service includes the administration of the property as well as the caring of Physical inventories.

Here Physical inventory contains the list of all inventory available in the property that should also be under the custodian's supervision. 

We are taking care of all the properties that are in any location in India. There are no boundaries. 

Do you also have a fear of your property and looking for custodian service?

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Why do you require Custodian service in India for your property?

We all know that investing in property is a traditional way of making good money and many people like to invest in it. Because day by day property price is increasing exponentially. We know that most people change their location multiple times in their life span. Suppose if someone have purchased some property in a xyz location. Now they are planning to change the location because of their business transfer or job changes etc. This time of changes, the problem arises because it is possible to shift our products and utilities but not the property. It means we can't shift our property. So, in this case, either we rent our property or leave it blank as it is. 

When our property is not under any supervision, either we lose it or may be stolen by some third party. 

To solve this problem and provide your property's safety, we are here to take care of your property on behalf of you at your property location.

We Brick Infra would take custody of your property and perform property maintenance, rental collection, safeguard from trespassers, Provide necessary timely services, etc.