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Brick Infra: Online property bidding and auction website in india

Brick Infra is an Indian Online property bidding portal. You can easily list your property as well as bid on the property to find your dream home. In the present scenario, people are now accepting online Bidding instead of going to the property place. And Also, online property bidding helps sell and buy the properties at attractive rates. 

An Online bidding portal saves a lot of effort to both buyers and sellers. Previously, Seller had to present physical properties like houses, cars, art, etc. in the physical format. This Bidding was carried out by posting newspaper ads and arranging for potential buyers and sellers to meet at a particular location.

So to solve this hectic problem, Brick Infra has decided to move this property bidding ceremony online. This will help the Seller to get the best value of the properties, and buyers will also have time and multiple options to choose the property.

If you are interested in the Bidding:

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What is Online Bidding in India?

Online Bidding Is a process that is conducted online on the internet. It allows quick and profitable sales by reducing the effort and expenses. It is similar to the offline traditional selling and buying method, where sellers set the price and buyers buy something at the already-decided price. Here the selling of the decided on the Seller to either sell or not sell the property for that price or to sell it to the most expensive bidder.

It is one of the fastest-growing methods, and in the future, it will cover the greater success and market. This is possible only because of internet and Brick Infra solutions. Now anybody can visit the brick infra portal and start the bid on the property they want to get affordable rates.

In online Bidding, It takes in the form of electronic contracts. And the bids offered by the participants in the Bidding is visible to the property seller. It completely depends on the Seller whether they want to sell property on the asked price or not. If the Seller agrees to sell on the bid price, it is converted into an agreement where the buyer agrees to purchase that property.

Participating in an Online Property Bidding in India

Online Bidding some time also known as E-Bidding or E-Auction, is a function that allows sellers to communicate with an unlimited amount of potential buyers simultaneously to sell their property at the maximum price.

The Process of both the local auctions and Internet auctions are similar. It is only differentiated by the place where it takes place. In traditional auctions in the local area, Peoples who are bidders and sellers gather at one place and say the price of any property. And in this Process, there will be one winner who will finally acquire the property on their bid price, and the rest will be a loser. After winning, Winners have to pay the bid price at the end of the auction.

Bidding online in India takes the following steps

  • 1. Registration on auction websites: The first step is to register or sign up on the online bidding site.  This registration is required for both sellers and buyers to participate in online Bidding of the properties. The registration is necessary to keep a list of items you bid on and sell. The Seller can meet potential buyers through the most competitive bids. And Also, the buyer may get some good property on their desired location and price.

  • 2. listing an item offered by the Seller on auction websites: On the online bidding site in India, Indian Seller can list their one or more items for sale and then set a minimum cost for bids. For this purpose, a seller needs to give a detailed description and details of the item being sold. This Bidding can be done in live or in a given timestamp. 

  • 3. Bidding on auction websites: To Bid on any listed property, First buyers have to visit the website and look for the listed property for the Bidding. Buyers can easily pick the desired item after registration and bid during the auction online. It can also be done live.

The sale is entirely at the sole discretion of the vendor. It is up to the Seller to sell or not offer the item to the most bidder. Buyers have a variety of payment options based on the auction platform. This includes debit card net banking and cash on delivery, EMI, and more.