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Brick Infra: Property exchange, home exchange and flat exchange in india

BrickInfra is one of the leading online platforms that provide home and flat exchange services in India. You can now easily exchange your property with another property after a discussion with the property owners.

This exchange maybe for a short duration, long duration, or permanent. This home exchange has now become popular among property owners who travel more frequently. 

Below is some scenario where home exchange or flat exchange is needed:

  • 1). Suppose you want to go travel from Place Bangalore to Delhi. Similarly, there is another person or property owner who wants to travel from Delhi to Bangalore. So, in this case, instead of taking any hospitality service, you can easily exchange your home for the period.

  • 2). Second case is like you have a flat in some XYZ apartment on the 10th floor. And there is someone who is staying on the 2nd floor in the same apartment. Now you can also exchange your flat very easily. This flat exchange can be done in the city among different apartments.

Our vast and robust network provides you with a wide range of properties to exchange your apartment or home during the holiday season or permanently with people from across India.

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